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Trigon International, Inc.

International Security Consultants, Forensic Accounting, Financial and General Investigative Services.



TRIGON International, Inc. is a true leader in counter-terrorism and counterintelligence. We are one of the foremost organizations in computer and information security, individual and corporate privacy protection, intellectual property protection, and counterespionage and counter-terrorism.



Our directors, associates and staff have been dealing with counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, physical, information, computer and communications security issues for over 30 years. TRIGON International, Inc. staff have backgrounds from government service in the areas of federal law enforcement, military and diplomatic corps.

Each director, associate and staff member has received extensive training in their respective fields, providing an impressive collection of talent unparalleled in our industry.



TRIGON International, Inc. is the most capable firm to conduct an all-encompassing threat risk assessment on any facility, worldwide and provide a detailed and timely status report that your organization can act upon immediately.

TRIGON International, Inc. is willing to evaluate any recommendations and assessments conducted by other firms.


Custom Solutions

TRIGON International, Inc. does not offer “boilerplate” or “one size fits all” solutions.

TRIGON International, Inc. fully realizes the gravity of the task at hand and understands that the programs, plans and equipment recommendations we provide could mean the difference between a “hard-target” and a “soft target” situation. The bottom line:

TRIGON International, Inc. knows that lives are at stake.



TRIGON International, Inc. will provide the support required to make the proposals, not only from our organization, but from our affiliated firms, an efficient and cost effective reality.


Security Training

TRIGON International, Inc. will provide customized security training for your organization.


Threat Assessment

The baseline threat assessment inventories an organizations current security environment with respect to policies, processes, and technology. TRIGON International, Inc. will use this baseline to accomplish a Security Gap Analysis.

Security Gap Analysis

The Security Gap Analysis compares the current environment to the requirements TRIGON International, Inc. and your organization have laid out.

TRIGON International, Inc. works with your management or existing security personnel to identify and justify the expenditure of resources necessary to bring your organization to the level of readiness previously agreed upon.

One of the most difficult components of this phase is the selection of appropriate subcontractors to assist in the completion of the projects.

TRIGON International, Inc. will review screen and recommend “qualified” contractors to assist you in various phases of the operation. TRIGON International, Inc. can also act as “Project Manager” or “Facilitator” to assure the proper work is completed on-time, and on budget.


Administrative Procedures

Administrative policies, procedures and organizational practices deal with the behavioral side of security.

TRIGON International, Inc. can assist you with contingency planning, access control, personnel security, incident response & reporting, self-certification, and a great deal more.


Physical Safeguards

Physical safeguard standards relate to the protection of physical computer systems, buildings and equipment from natural and environmental hazards, as well as from intrusion.


Technical Services

For every aspect of your organization that is required to maintain mechanisms and controls to protect and control access to information and other valuable resources.


Custom Technical Services

TRIGON International, Inc. can actually recommend modifications to existing equipment or systems to meet your needs.


What else can TRIGON International, Inc. offer?

TRIGON International, Inc. has a wide range of resources available to our clients.


Security Countermeasures

TRIGON International, Inc. will assist clients in the application of threat-appropriate security countermeasures.

The cost of a possible countermeasure may be monetary but may also include non-monetary costs, such as reduced operational efficiency, adverse publicity, unfavorable working conditions, and political consequences.

Security countermeasures are not beneficial if they are excluded from the management decision-making process. Selecting and implementing security countermeasures is part of the risk management process to achieve an acceptable level of risk at an acceptable cost.


Security Countermeasures General categories:

  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Manpower
  • Procedures
  • Operational security (OPSEC) procedures/Technology Control Plan
  • Asset transfer
  • Training
  • Security awareness and briefing programs
  • Legal prosecution
  • Security investigations (personnel, physical, administrative)
  • Polygraph
  • Disclosure statements
  • Personnel transfer
  • Contingency planning
  • Cover stories Random entry/exit searches
  • Equipment
  • Locking mechanism
  • Window bars
  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Alarms/sensors
  • Hardware/software (passwords)
  • Encryption devices
  • Lighting
  • TEMPEST devices
  • Paper shredder
  • Weapons
  • Closed-circuit TV
  • Safe haven
  • Vault
  • Manpower
  • Escorts
  • Contractor Guard force
  • Local Guards
  • Facility Security personnel Sensor monitoring personnel
  • Surveillance & SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Vehicles
  • Commercial & Personal Vehicle Conversions


  • Complete Covert Surveillance In Everyday Vehicles
  • Command & Control, Communications & SIGINT(Signals Intelligence) Vehicles
  • Multiple Monitoring Capabilities
  • Tactical and Command & Control Vehicles
  • Standard Communications and Tactical Operations Vehicles


REMOB (Remote Observation) Design

Full Design of REMOB (Remote Observation) Facility. Overt or Covert “Hard Target” Construction for Coordinating all Surveillance and Signals Intercept Operations.



Vehicle & Mobile Asset Tracking via RF,Cellular, and Satellite


About GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed of 24 orbiting satellites and their ground stations.

Launched and maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense, these satellites send a stream of signals to the earth’s surface enabling a GPS receiver to calculate accurate positions within about 10 feet or less.

Trigon can provide a system solution for on-demand Internet accessed location data, sensor data, and remote control of mobile powered and unpowered high value assets, such as automobiles, trailers for trucking companies, rail cars, vehicles for fleet businesses, and shipping containers or armored vehicles.


“Real Time” GPS Monitoring

Units can also be programmed to operate in a specific area, for example a 30 mile radius.

If the vehicle leaves the specific area, for any reason, the unit will transmit an alert signal directly to the central monitoring station. This is referred to as “GEOFENCING”.

After receiving the “interrogation request” the vehicle unit transmits the requested data back to the command center where it is displayed on the operators monitor.

Operators from a secure command center track vehicle movement by “interrogating” the selected vehicle.

The “information request” is transmitted through cellular service in the area and is received by the unit installed on the target vehicle.

This system configuration not only provides the basic location information, it also has sensor status and event trigger monitoring, and adds the ability to remotely control functions like locking/unlocking doors, honking horns, flashing lights, disabling engine computers or fuel pumps, even remotely starting the vehicle using a command from the Internet or a telephone.



Operators from a secure command center track vehicle movement by “interrogating” the selected vehicle.

The “information request” is transmitted through cellular service in the area and is received by the unit installed on the target vehicle.


Emergency Response

Immediate Emergency Response Capabilities. If a monitored unit leaves its preprogrammed route, or “GEOFENCE” area, the alert sent to the command center will notify an operator immediately.


General Applications

  • Fleet Services
  • Vehicle Tracking – provides vehicle and fleet tracking using GPS and wireless networks to track a vehicle’s route history, speed and location via the Internet or Private Intranet.
  • Navigation – provides “localized” map and direction information to the driver and/or dispatcher.
  • Messaging – provides two-way text or voice messaging anytime, anywhere making it easy to stay in “real-time” communication with drivers.
  • GeoFencing – provides dispatch managers with the ability to set up virtual boundaries and alerts when vehicles enter or depart specific “zones”.

Trigon International Inc.